SOL Language Clubs was established in response to the need of learning Spanish, one of the most spoken languages around the world and a key to improve the opportunities of our children in their future.


The club aims to provide Spanish vocabulary, commands and useful but essential sentences for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years, in a child-friendly environment that enables new opportunities for children to learn and develop the Spanish Language, social and intellectual capabilities, while forging friendships with other children.


​SOL Spanish Language Clubs runs Spanish Lessons for Children on Saturdays for 2 hours.  These classes are open during school terms.


The total number of sessions will depend on the Term.  One Session = two hours


SOL Language Clubs runs at 7 Cromer Road, Watford, WD244DY. Please be aware there is a small dog, so if you child has any allergies please let us know in advanced.


The cost is £15.00 per hour or £30 per session.  The total depends on the number of sessions in the half term.

Payment of fees are in advanced and it can be made by Bank Transfer or cash.

Regarding the PAYMENT:

  1. The total cost of the term must be paid in advance.

  2. After the classes start there is not NO refunds.

  3. If the child can not attent the club, the payments can be passed to another club, only if the parent/guardian informs SOL Language Clubs at least ONE weeks before the starting day of the club.

  4. If during the term the child is not able to continue, for any special circumstances, SOL Language Clubs will refund, the left amount, less 10% as an administration fee.

  5. If the parent is late to pick up his/her child it will be charge at £5.00 per every 5 minutes.

Regarding the ATTENDANCE:

  1. The sessions will start and end at the times specified.

  2. If the child does not attend a session, this will be counted as given, without any claim or refund.

  3. If SOL Language Clubs cancel a session, these hours will be reassigned to a future date or may be passes to the next club.

Regarding what the club COST INCLUDES:

  1. Worksheets, folders and bag.

  2. Refreshments and snacks.

  3. All the Cooking ingredients, use of utensils, containers and protective clothing.

  4. Spanish Language class.

  5. Art and Craft materials needed to run the Language Class.

Regarding what the club COST DOES NOT INCLUDES:

  1. Extra activities outside the SOL Language Clubs premises.  Parent/Guardian will be informed of such activities, cost and all necessary information at least two weeks in advance. These activities are optional.

  2. Medication.