1. Payment of the registration fee of £50.00 indicates the student's firm intention to take the classes therefore it is not-refundable.

  2. If the student can not start the course, the registration fee might pass to the next course, only if the student notifies, at least one week in advance of his back down.

  3. If the registration fee is pass to the next course, and the student do not attend, there is not refunds or transfers.

  4. If a cancellation is agreed, SOL Language Clubs will refund 90% of the payment, 10% will be keep by SOL Language Clubs to cover administrative costs.

Regarding the ATTENDANCE:

  1. The classes will start and end at the times set in the course.

  2. If no notification is received this lesson will be counted as given, without any claim or refund.

  3. If SOL Language Clubs cancels a lesson, this hour/s will be reassigned to a future date.

Regarding what the COST INCLUDED:

  1. Spanish Language Lessons.

  2. Photocopies of extra material.

  3. Refreshments (tea, coffee, water)

Regarding what the COST DOES NOT INCLUDED:

  1. Books, Workbooks, Activities Books, DVDs.

  2. Any office supply such as pencil, pens, notebooks, etc.

  3. Transportation, petrol, loss of work etc.