Fire Safety Policy and Procedure

SOL Language Clubs understands the importance of fire safety.

To this end:

  • Staff, visitors, volunteers and adult people are aware of the location of all fire exits, the fire assembly point and where fire safety equipment is stored.

  • Staff, visitors, volunteers and students introduced to the fire safety procedures during their settling in period and through regular fire drills.

  • Fire drills are conducted regularly

  • Fire doors and fire exits are clearly marked, are not obstructed at any time and are easily opened from the inside.

  • Fire doors are kept closed at all times but never locked.

  • Fire extinguishers, fire alarms and smoke alarms are regularly tested by Member of SOL Language Clubs

  • All fire drills are recorded in the Fire Drill Log.

Fire prevention:

SOL Language Clubs will take all steps possible to prevent fires occurring by:

  • Ensuring that power points are not overloaded with adaptors.

  • Ensuring that there is no smoking

  • Checking for frayed or trailing wires.

  • Checking that fuses are replaced safely.

  • Unplugging all equipment before leaving the premises.

  • Storing any potentially flammable materials safely.


In the event of a fire/fire drill:

  • A member of staff, visitors, and volunteers will raise the alarm and call the emergency services.

  • A member of staff, visitors, and volunteers will lead the students out of the building as quickly as possibly using the closest safe exit and quickly and calmly make their way to the assembly point. If students/ staff, visitors, and volunteers are in different areas of the building, they will naturally use different escape routes to make their way safely to the designated meeting point.

  • No attempt will be made to collect personal belongings, or to re-enter the building after evacuation.

  • The register and staff signing in/out will be taken out when we exit the building. If the register is not available the Manager/lead person will use the emergency contacts list.

  • The emergency services must be contacted. It is the Manager/lead person/Fire Safety Officer’s responsibility to do this. .

  • On arrival the emergency services will be informed of any missing student or members of staff.

  • If the Fire Safety Officer is not present at the time of the incident, the Manager/lead person will assume responsibility or nominate a replacement member of staff.

  • If it is a fire drill, after the all clear has been given by the Manager/Fire Safety Officer can re-enter the building. On returning to the building the fire safety officer will record the outcome of the fire drill in the fire drill record.

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