Equalities and Diversity Policy Document

For the purpose of this policy the following definitions of ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ have been adopted:


Equality is about striving to eliminate disadvantage, discrimination and deprivation.

Diversity is not about treating ever one the same, but about

  • Recognizing and valuing difference; and

  • Recognizing and accounting for inequality and disadvantage


​Equality in Employment/ volunteering


As an equal opportunities employer SOL Language Clubs is committed to ensuring that we provide equality of opportunity to all in employment. The aim is to ensure that we do not unfairly discriminate against any job applicant or employee for any reason.

At all levels we will seek to ensure that in recruitment, training, delivering services and partnerships people regardless of backgrounds will have the opportunity to:

  • Join the project as an employee, volunteer or member on equal footing with others.

  • Enjoy personal development to improve job opportunities.

  • Be heard when expressing concerns or dissatisfaction.

  • Employees will have the opportunity to attend equalities and diversity training.


SOL Language Clubs commits itself to the equal opportunities action to ensure that our staff, volunteer and the young people we serve are not discriminated against on the basis of their:


  • Age

  • Disability

  • Employment status

  • Ethnic or national origin, race or color

  • Marital status

  • Religious or political beliefs

  • Responsibilities for children or young people 

  • Gender/gender reassignment Sexuality

  • Personal differences such as; academic, qualifications, accent, age, caring responsibilities and mental abilities, political affiliations, spent or irrelevant convictions and union membership


​Equality in Service Delivery


As an equal opportunities service provider we have a key role in ensuring that all sections of our diverse community receive a fair and equal service, according to individual needs. We aim to ensure that high standards of quality and equality are maintained.


We aim to:

  • Actively tackle racial discrimination and promote good race relations.

  • Make sure that our Equality Policy and its procedures are adhered to and implemented.

  • Monitor and analyse how effective services are at meeting the needs of the young people and use the information obtained to develop future services and policies.

  • Ensure that complaints from all sections of the community are dealt with in a fair, sensitive and consistent manner and fed into improvements in our project.

  • Teaching and training of staff where possible

  • Continued assessment of behavior and discipline, of all members of SOL Language Clubs

  • Partnerships with Staff, Parents, Careers, Children and young people

  • Admissions into the group.

  • Safe staff recruitment.

  • Keeping up to date with the law on discrimination and taking up training when possible.

Diversity is inclusive and something that is equally relevant to us all. SOL Language Clubs recognizes that oppression, disadvantage and discrimination exist in society, and that people often face simultaneous inequalities. It is our responsibility to promote good race relations and to ensure we comply with Race Relations Act 1976, by eliminating any racial/stereotyping comments/incidents/.

SOL Language Clubs will work in partnership with the family and other agencies in order to fully support a particular child and ensure they are provided with the same opportunities as everyone else.

SOL Language Clubs offers a fully inclusive environment and we aim to be diverse organization, which values differences.  We recognize that people with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences bring fresh ideas and perceptions.  We encourage and harness these differences to make our project relevant and approachable.  We aim to listen to the changing needs of the young people as well as ensuring the mechanisms for implementing, monitoring and co-ordinating our work to their voices and needs.